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Synchrotron Radiations Reveal Mechanism for Industrially Used Catalysis of Aromatic Polyimide Precursor – Synchrotron radiations shed light on the mechanism for dehydrogenative coupling of dimethyl phthalate catalyzed by palladium and copper complexes. (Image credit: Department of Applied Chemistry,

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Christopher Lowrie, Florida Institute of Technology (United States) Susan Earles, Florida Institute of Technology (United States) M. de Fernandez, Florida Institute of Technology (United States).

Figure 1: Relevance of alicyclic amines and strategies for their late-stage functionalization. Figure 2: Design and realization of transannular C–H activation of alicyclic amines. Figure 3.

Matthew Hartings argues that, for just over half a century in many of chemistry’s most renowned organic reactions, it has actually been palladium. Download PDF The science of palladium gained fame.

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Palladium adhesion to the structure is excellent. The detection limit for devices is < 0.125% methane in air. There is optimism that practical commercial devices can be achieved from this technology.