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But for my evidence one only need glance at Pirate Bay and see what people are downloading and how many of them are doing it. The most popular e-book download.

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The news sent Tidal to No. 1 on the U.S. Apple App Store.

A quick check on The Pirate Bay shows there are over 9,000 users currently sharing the album for others to download at any given.

Microsoft has confirmed that users of its instant messaging app will not be able to send.

There’s plenty of legitimate material for download using Pirate Bay’s feeds, and that too is being.

CEO of China’s most popular piracy app arrested after 110 days on the run – Pirate Bay first in the firing line In June, QVOD was fined US$42 million – the largest penalty for piracy on record in China. As of press time, QVOD is still available for download via its website.

How To Use The Pirates Bay Safely - Download Torrents Safely Without Getting CaughtMovie Streaming App Popcorn Time Shuts Down – The app — which is available for Mac, Windows and Linux — used technology to stream torrents available on download sites such as The Pirate Bay and YTS. Those sites use the open source.

Thanks to a new software called Torrents Time, you can now stream videos on The Pirate Bay. However.

setting related to the app. The only way to uninstall it was to download a .sh script.

Pihu Movie Torrent Download Torlock is a unique movie download site that offers music, games, software, the latest TV series, and movies for free. With "No Fakes Torrent Site" as its official motto, Torlock is dedicated to listing 100 percent verified torrents only. The

That was at the conclusion of the SOPA/PIPA debates when net neutrality was in jeopardy under the guise of wanting to “kill” piracy, and The Pirate Bay was.

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Everyone’s favorite torrent site has just rolled out a mobile version: The Pirate.

Bay and even direct you to the App Store automatically. On iOS, visitors won’t be able to actually.

Catching Fire,” “American Hustle,” “12 Years a Slave,” “Frozen” and “Dallas Buyers Club” — culled from torrent piracy sites like The Pirate Bay. But instead of requiring users.