Katy Perry Prism Acoustic Sessions

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Fall concert main events: One Direction, Katy Perry – Fall concert main events: One Direction, Katy Perry The main events in this fall concert season include One Direction, Jason Aldean, Katy Perry and Drake with Lil Wayne. Check out this story on.

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You’re like, ‘Oh, right! I’m sick of just strumming my acoustic guitar.’" "It’s a real carving-out process," Katy Perry says of sessions for her third LP. "I’m always fighting for ‘best.’".

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Katy Perry opens her new album by.

The same shameless, over-the-top ethos that helped Perry cement her celebrity naturally made her a polarizing figure, and backlash always follows success. So by.

For the complete story, buy this week’s issue of Billboard. "Honestly, I’m just masquerading as a pop star." Coming from Katy Perry.

creation. Perry notes the sessions for "PRISM" began.