E-40 Sharp On All 4 Corners: Corner 1

Barrel distortion at wide angle is about 2.1 percent.

top corners are fairly sharp, while the center is sharp, though not quite as sharp as maximum wide angle. Note that some of the corner.

When you first see the blur plot for this lens, the extreme softness of the corners.

corner softness decrease (from the high value at f/1.8) at f/2; and by f/2.8, the severe softness is gone.

measuring 2.83 x 1.

Corner Softness. Wide-open at maximum wide angle, the ZS100’s lens is soft in all four corners, and blurring extends fairly deep into the frame. The center is however quite.

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Canon S120 Optics – Sharpness: All four corners are only somewhat soft at full wide angle at f/1.

sharp as wide angle. Again, this is very good performance for a 5x lens at 120mm equivalent. Some very minor corner.

Nikon D600 Optics – Barrel distortion at 24mm is 1.

all four corners are a little sharper than at wide-angle, and the center is reasonably sharp though contrast is lower. Vignetting. Some moderate vignetting.

It’s likely that there are corners.

potential at corner. Harris is something of a lottery ticket. He has intriguing upside with good size and speed (6-foot-1, 205 pounds, 4.45 second 40.

As you can see at wide angle, barrel distortion is extremely high, between 4.0 and 4.1.

corner sharpness is better all around, but the pattern changed, with upper and lower left corners quite.